GREX Jet Corporations


GREX Jet Provides Luxury Jet Service Around the World

We live at the intersection of private aviation and commercial air travel, offering the reliability and convenience of a private jet experience at prices commensurate with premium commercial carriers.


GREX Jet is Reliable, Safe, and Secure.

Our commitment to safety, security and reliability is first and foremost. Our dedicated team is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure you have a flawless GREX Jet experience.  You can count on us.


Flying First Class Isn't Just a Cabin... It's a Lifestyle!

We are fully dedicated to our clients. Grex Jet is designed to grow stronger via a classic networking effect. It's good for you; it’s good for us. We have the technology platforms to reach various markets. And soon, many travelers will discover what you already know.